thea (whipcreambunn) wrote,


PhotobucketPhotobucket this is [info]dian_ai ,
If you want to add me,
please tell me why you want to add me
(it could be anything really,
as long as its not a creepy reason that is)>_<Photobucket
I like to make new friends with people who shares the same interests as me Photobucket
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ahh no, I used to for 8 years before I went to highschool, but I go back there like once every two years! I'm living in Boston now while my family lives in Hungary~ do you go back often?
Not really ;A; I haven't been there for about 3 years...
Boston sounds really cool :D If you ever come to USA send me a PM >_<)
hey =D
I recently started LJ again and I didn't know you changed LJs xD so I hope you don't mind me adding again! :3
Hey :DD
I just added you back, good to see you on started on LJ again!